The PC Crash of DSD is a three-dimensional accident simulation program and the PC Rect is a program for recording accident data.

2D & 3D Crash Simulation

Conflicts with up to 32 vehicles can be calculated and simulated in 2D & 3D format. The calculations are made as Vehicle/Vehicle, Vehicle/Motorcycle, Vehicle/Pedestrian and vehicle rollovers. More than 3.000 licenses worldwide.

PC RECT : Software for editing photos and videos

Photos and videos, taken almost in flat surfaces can be processed. The result of processing is a photograph, which looks like it is perpendicular (vertical) to the flat surface by taking a lens without loss. The distances can be measured in the image, by scale. All parameters of the photographic camera (tilt, aperture, torsion, height, etc.) are automatically optimized with the help of referential dimensions measured in the space where the photo was taken.

How the expert report is generated ?

Based on the data recorded in the area of the accident (traces of braking distance / skidding, damages of vehicles, final positions, and the kind of distortions in vehicles’ bodies), it is identified the type of collision, the velocities of the vehicles and the subsequent path before and after the collision. Depending on the type of order given by the customer, people of the company are able to lay down the conditions under which he could have avoided the accident. Setting up an expert report for determining the causes of the road accidents can contain – among others – and the following individual processes:

  • Ensuring / recording of traces
  • Processing of data of storage device data (UDS)
  • Photogrammetric analysis of images of the accident’s area
  • Creating a scaled plan, after appropriate editing of photos from the area of the accident
  • Digital processing of output phase analysis of conflict
  • Digital processing of engineering analysis of conflict
  • Calculations of avoiding the accident by setting up a timetable to scale
  • Identify the position of passengers of the vehicle before the collision
  • Crash Test for the re-enactment of the accident
  • Control of rational measure speed of vehicle with portable and stationary devices
  • Technical status reports of vehicles before the accident

In the last part, the technical condition of the vehicle before the collision is being investigated and possible technical damages are identified, which may have contributed to the cause of the accident. If something like that will be discovered, it will be included in the final report.

Analyzes / simulations of accidents - Determination of causes of accidents (PC Crash)

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