GT Motive

GT Motive
Founded: 1971
Shareholders: EinsaGroup, MitchellInternational
Turnover: €15mil
Employees: 250
MITCHELL International
Founded: 1946
Shareholders: KKR
Turnover: €550mil
Employees: 2000

Customers in Europe

  • 33 insurance companies.
  • 43 leasing and fleet companies
  • 4.000 experts
  • 12.500 workshops
  • 26.000 end users

GT Estimate

All OEM Data in One Application

  • OEM information
  • Service Maintenance
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Body repair (collision)
  • Graphical Layout
  • Search by OE part number
  • VIN Identification
  • Integration with customer systems

Our Database, best guarantee for success

  • Passenger cars, 4x4, LCVs
  • Manual models : users can adapt the information to their needs
  • OEM prices / OEM replacements : overnight
  • New models : bi-weekly
  • Model updates :
    • Continuous model updates on high frequency parts (98%)
    • Quarterly general updates
  • Parts : 1.600 (Body parts : 480 / Mechanicl parts : 1120)
  • OEM part numbers : 4.500
  • Graphics : 1.000 (split into 45 zones)


Model Coverage
  • High % fleet coverage > 95% (SLA)
  • Brand new vehicles < 2 months
  • VIN Query
High coverage guarantees high automation and saving potential VIN enables precise identification
Service Plans
  • All local OEM interval and variable plans
Eliminate unnecessary parts/labour.
  • Times and OEM references
  • Overlap calculations
  • Highest no. of details per model
  • OEM references and prices
  • IDENT OEM parts

1600 part types per model enables more checks per invoice OEM parts with high update frequency (2 months av.)

Up to date prices daily

  • OEM filling quantities
Oil levels according to OEM
  • Maintenance, Mechanical, Body
Breakdown and collision in one application/data base

How is calculated the cost of damage ?

Naturally, after some conflict, where VDFM is asked to give its own expertise, it is required in addition to cost the amount of material damage. To calculate the cost of damage, the manufacturer’s data are used regarding the labor costs of replacement parts and price. At the same time it is defined in some cases, the repair cost with spare parts from other manufacturers or second-hand. The data used are based on the calculation system of the material damage costs of GT Motive. The commercial value of the vehicle is determined by the specific program of Motive GT which VDFM provides by creating special algorithms, that take into account the data applied in the Greek market. The program is based on European standards for calculating trade values of vehicles, including all possible parameters of adaptation, which increase or decrease the value. In the same program, the possibility of calculating potential damages to the vehicle is given.


What is required for the report of damages ?

If you wish to receive a report identifying material damage, from VDFM, the following steps must be done :

  • Receipt of written research mandate
  • Control of existing elements for conducting the investigation : in the event that the information you have submitted are sufficient, the company’s expert arranges a visit to the vehicles that interest you.
  • The representative is being informed on the way the survey is conducted.
  • If possible, a comparison of damage, between the contracting vehicles, is occurred.
  • Composition of expert settlement report for material damage
  • Issuing and mailing of the report : if you wish, the report can be presented orally in court.

Immediate technical assistance

Your requirements, thanks to well-functioning and technical support of our products, are bridged as soon as possible, giving you the most complete results.

Complete package of support

We have a complete application package, in the sector of vehicle, for the complete management of electronic file, the estimation of material damage of vehicle and the commercial value and the three-dimensional analysis of traffic accident.

Services and reliability

We provide services from a completely technical worked out personnel, at the lowest possible cost, as well as with the reliability provided by leading firms in the area of vehicle, such as GT Motive, DSD, etc.