The Company

The company «VDFM Group», is activated in our country with the benefit of services that is related to the dependence of man from technology and means of transport.

More specifically, these services concern the technical controls of vehicles, the expert reports (estimates of material damages/essays of road accidents causes), as well as publications of studies/technical conclusions on subjects of road safety.

With the most excellent scientific training available to our personnel and the constant briefing and education, we provide rapid and effective support in technical matters and enjoy the trust of all of our customers and the general market with the exceptionally high level of services that we provide.

We offer integrated electronic solutions, with high quality and reliability in our products, trying to meet the demands and needs of each insurance company in the automotive sector.

Our clients are mainly :

  • Technical offices / Experts
  • Insurance agencies
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Leasing & fleet companies
  • Repair shops - workshops

The innovative services and products available to the new technology company in the automotive sector, are supported by famous foreign firms, which are top in their field.

We aim to constantly introduce in Greece innovative services and new technologies in the automotive industry, providing the corresponding trained personnel and representing companies like GT Motive, which is a worldwide leader in software for cost accounting of material damage of vehicles, as in calculation and evaluation of commercial value of vehicles.

Our company also represents in Greece, the PC Crash of DSD, a three-dimensional accident simulation program, as also the PC Rect, which is a program for recording accident data.

We have made our presence felt in the market by addressing both to car dealers and repair shops – workshops and of course to the insurance companies. We believe, that despite the economic crisis that experiences our country, our company is shielded to meet market requirements, offering its products.

Immediate technical assistance

Your requirements, thanks to well-functioning and technical support of our products, are bridged as soon as possible, giving you the most complete results.

Complete package of support

We have a complete application package, in the sector of vehicle, for the complete management of electronic file, the estimation of material damage of vehicle and the commercial value and the three-dimensional analysis of traffic accident.

Services and reliability

We provide services from a completely technical worked out personnel, at the lowest possible cost, as well as with the reliability provided by leading firms in the area of vehicle, such as GT Motive, DSD, etc.