Well-trained scientific team with renowned scientists and experts in research and development.


Specialized business operations aimed at growth and innovation.


Equipped technical department with responsible and specialized human resources to meet your needs.


Innovative technological transport services

The company VDFM Group, is active in our country by providing services related to human dependence on technology and means of transport.

With the excellent scientific training of our staff and its constant information and training, it provides fast and effective technical support and enjoys the trust of all its customers and the market in general with the extremely high level of services it provides.


Reliability & Innovation

We offer complete electronic solutions, with high quality and reliability in our products, trying to meet the requirements and needs of every insurance company in the automotive industry.


in the field of transport

Insurance companies - Assessors & vehicle damage management

Car repair shops & Car Body Repairs

Fleet management, vehicle leasing & warranty companies

They trust us

The innovative services and products available by the new technology company in the automotive industry, are supported by well-known foreign companies, which are top in their field.

  • Technical offices / experts
  • Insurance agencies
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Vehicle Timing Companies
  • Car repair shops – Auto Body Shops

Multilevel Support

We have a complete package of applications, in the field of vehicle, for the complete management of the electronic file, the determination of the material damage of the vehicle and the commercial value as well as the three-dimensional analysis of the car accident

Technical assistance


Enjoy the reliability provided by the leading companies in the field of vehicle such as GT Motive, DSD etc.

Technological Innovation

We provide services from a highly technically trained staff, at the lowest possible cost

Services Design

The VDFM team undertakes the design of new services based on the needs of the transport industry.

New Collaborations

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